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Robbert Maas

Here you will find information about Robbert Maas Photography such as the corporate philosophy and management policies.

Message from the Management:

2013 is a year in which Robbert Maas embraces new challenges. He will grow up with inspired ideas, will move forward with a new corporation plan. The company needs changing. Departments in Robbert Maas Holding stopped in 2012. Now he will look forward and makes new ideas inspired by traveling and nature.

Eye on the Future:

The last years were not easy. Robbert sold his biggest company in 2012, lives on a new place and look forward to live again on a new place, inspired by nature. Robbert looks forward to make new business plans and scout for a new lokation for starting his new ideas and company.

Robbert Maas Logo:

Robbert Maas started in 2000 his Photo company. The name Robbert Maas Photography and logo introduced in 2000. The Logo shows RM (Robbert Maas) The R and M (The Company) will be safe under a big roof. It's shows a safe company whereby you can see many kinds of photography.

Robbert's Corporate Philosophy:

"My company shows you many different kind of photography. It's very important all people who see this website accept each other and accept the way of photography I do.
I saw many kind of people and cultures in real and will show this to you without shocking everybody. I show you a small selection of what I made. You can see it on this personal website".


In 2001 Robbert won the prestigious Mobil 1 Photo Awards. He also won the professional jury price as well as the public price.


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